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Agricultural sciences - Open specialized section
Mounth / Year: 
2016, November
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Type of the article: 
Scientific article
U.D.C. 631.4 (5kaz)

In order to improve the soil water regime and water availability for plants the turgescent polymeric materials in the form of hydrogels are used. When contacted by water they rapidly absorb it and permanently retain it inside. However, the wide use such hydrogels in plant cultivation is currently hampered by their high cost. In this regard, from an economic point of view it is very important to use composite materials as soil conditioners, including cheap natural raw materials with high levels of moisture absorption and moisture retention.
The task is to improve the composition in order to maintain the soil balance of different crops, by changing the quantitative ratios of the components; significantly reduce the cost of the composition and improve its quality indicators. Purpose of the paper: composition for maintaining the soil balance of various crops, which comprises an active product based on the granular hydrogel and the target additive.

potassium polyacrylate, sapropel, bentonite clay, soil balance

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